About Us Any service that is legal, moral and ethical.. Do you believe there is not enough hours in the day? Do you believe in Work/Life balance? Do you believe in prioritising your time for the things you do well, and delegating other tasks to those that can do them with greater efficiency? Concierge is simply another word for personal assistant. The benefits of a Concierge service apply to anyone who feels there is not enough hours in the day to get everything done, or have a special service or require on-going support services. The popularity of concierge services stems from the fact that we are now living in an era of instant action to satisfy our our needs and expectations that result in positive experiences and contribute to a better lifestyle. Work/Life balance is not just a trend that will disappear in a few years. Many people are focusing on improving their life and taking control of their experiences, whether it is for; entertainment, self and family nurturing, special occasions, health, travel and holidays, home management, corporate support or security, it makes it easier when you can ring someone who has the access and capability to provide the support and deliver the service you are looking for. This is where we come in: Anything for Anyone at Anytime and Anywhere. The owner Kayt Watts purchase her property in Port Douglas in 2013. The aim was to holiday let it out during the tropic north Queensland peak tourism season and live in it during the off-peak season. Kayt has worked in the hospitality industry for over ten years ,and in various other executive roles for over 20 years that have required her to develop and manged relationships and deliver premium customer services. Late in 2016, Kayt made the decision to move to Port Douglas full-time. Although she was still operating her consulting company, Ingénue Consultancy, she realised there was a gap in premium hospitality services that were in demand in Port Douglas. This was the start of an idea that has become Port Douglas Concierge. Kayts House - Pavilions in the Palms
Kayts experiences, as a user and supplier of services, within the hospitality and business world comes together as she turns these experiences into providing premium services to others. Whether it is for the leisure and holiday travelers or corporate executives Kayt knows what it is like when your expectations are not met, or, you need an independent personal assistant who can bring everything together when you need it. Kayt and her team can deliver Anything for Anyone at Anytime and Anywhere.